Wednesday, 30 September 2015

U of R Brass Day!

Brass Day!
Hosted by the University of Regina

Brass Day is an optional, hands-on event where students will play their instruments, get some new music, and leave with some great tips on furthering their development as a musician and brass player.

Students get the opportunity to work with some of Saskatchewan's greatest brass players and teachers. These include:
     Miles Newman & Natalie Fuller - Trumpets
     Alison Thiele & Richard Burdick - French Horns
     David Dick & Jeremy Drotar - Trombones
     Mark Preece - Tuba/Baritone

Our featured guest is Tom McCaslin, a former student of John Griffiths, and of course a Regina product!

Elementary Session (Grade 7and 8/second and third year players)
*participating students will be bussed to the event
10:00 am         Introduction – Riddell Theatre
10:15 am         Instrument specific sectionals
11:20 am         Full group performance (fanfare) – Riddell Theatre
11:40 pm         Lunch (on your own)
12:00 pm         Faculty Recital – Riddell Theatre
12:30 pm         Return to school

High School Session (Grade 9–12 fourth year + players)
*participating students will be bussed to the event
12:00 pm         Faculty recital – Riddell Theatre
1:15 pm           Instrument specific sectionals
2:20 pm           Full group performance (fanfare) – Riddell Theatre
2:30 pm           Return to school

Evening Concert – U of R Wind Ensemble with Brass Clinicians
*students will not receive bussing to the evening concert. Feel free to bring your entire family!
7:30pm, Riddell Theatre
Admission by Silver Collection

To participate, please send the following registration form in by October 2

Instrument Loan Forms

Instrument Loan Forms

Anyone who is renting or borrowing an instrument through the school board (NOT Long and McQuade or St. John's) must fill out, sign, and send the following form to us as soon as possible. Parents can scan and email the form to, or send it to school with their students. Students can give this form to their classroom teachers to pass on to us or give it directly to us during band.

Band Instrument Loan Form

Welcome to Band!

Welcome to Band!
Elementary Programs

We will be notifying you throughout the year, via e-mail, notes to the students, and this blog, of upcoming events such as concerts, festivals, trips, etc. If possible, please ensure we have your current email address so you’re able to receive all information.

Joining the band program is a wonderful opportunity.  We look forward to educating your children in a musical setting, and watching them grow into young musicians!

Contacting the Teachers
The names of the three band teachers in your area are Mrs. Vanessa Strykiwsky, Miss Robin Howell, and Mr. Dylan Wiest. We travel between five schools in our area. Because of this, email is the best way to reach us. McLurg also has a phone but we are only there Day 2 mornings and Day 3 (306-791-3355).

Vanessa Strykiwsky

Robin Howell

Dylan Wiest

Rehearsal Times
Grade 6
     Full Band at McLurg
     Bus times:
          Seven Stones = 9:10am
          Walker = 9:15am
          Rosemont = 9:20am
          Seven Stones = Day 4 PM
          Walker = Day 1 AM
          Rosemont = Day 4 PM
          McLurg = Day 3 PM

Rehearsal Times
Grade 7/8
     Full Band at Martin Collegiate
     Bus times:
          Seven Stones = 1:40pm
          Walker = 1:45pm
          Rosemont = 1:50pm
          McLurg = 1:45pm
          Seven Stones = Day 4 PM
          Walker = Day 1 PM
          Rosemont = Day 4 PM
          McLurg = Day 3 AM

Band Fees
Fees should be paid online through PowerSchool as soon as possible. However, if payments cannot be made, your child can still participate in the band program. Just send a note or email one of the band teachers or your school office stating that your child needs to be placed in the equity program. The fees will then be waived from your account. Payment plans are also an option, just send a note or email.
*cash/cheque payments will also be accepted
     All students except McLurg Grade 6s: $50 transportation fee for the full year of bus rides to Full Band and back
     Students renting instruments through the school board (NOT Long & McQuade or St. John's): $120 instrument rental fee

Important Dates
December 10, 2015 - Christmas Concert (7:00pm)
March 15-18, 2016 - Optimist Festival (specific performance times TBA)
TBA - Spring Concert (7:00pm)
TBA - Grade 6 Trip
TBA - Grade 7/8 Trip

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or feedback.

Thank you for your support!